V-Bits sizes

What are the specs i should be looking for in v-bits?
Been looking and find that they con in all sizes as far as width and depth of the cutter section. I know I need a 60 and 90 degree. But what different sizes of each should I look at getting?


This is a tools today page that came up when I googled signmaker router bits. Look around, there are some good variety starter kits.


I have the usual 60 and 90, but I also have quite a collection of odd angles that I have carefully sought out so that exotic miters can be made using only simple tool paths. Amana has a good selection.

When getting odd angles, you need to make sure of the tool makers specifications. V-btit angles are usually specified as an “included angle”. Thus the 60s and 90s are for creating cuts that are 30 degrees and 45 degrees respectively from vertical. . Some of the small sharp bits are not specified by included angle. You have to know what your getting.

Some of the sharp angle signmaking bits are designed with a ball point or flat point. That is because fine, thin points are easy to break.

Deep V cuts with a large diameter cutter require a lot of torque. The larger the bit shank the better. Most of mine are 1/4 inch shanks. One is 6mm which requires its own 6mm collet because it tends to slip in 1/4 inch collets.