V-Carve 10.505 G-Code

I just upgraded my V-Carve Pro software to version 10.505. Now when I save the g-code easel says the format is wrong. I am saving the G-Code using the X-Carve (inch) (*.g-code) Post Processor.
The error after the import says
Invalid G-Code
Line 5730: G2x2.5447Y-2.1320I0.022J0.056
The file contains invalid G-code syntax.
Apparently easel doesn’t like the G2 or G3 commands.
Has anyone else had this issue?

I had problems after upgrading to 10.505 and found out it was the Post Processor, I contacted Vectric and they gave me a link to a different Post Processor, everything was fine after that

Thanks. That was my next step. Glad to know it is solved.

You should be using the post processor that Easel has in the download section.