V-carve 11 post-processor?

So I updated my copy of vCarve pro 10.5 to version 11. It reported the inventables post-processor contains obsolete functions. Has anyone else encountered this? The built in machine library is so sparse, and does not include an x-carve. a problem about defining the machine dimensions using the generic profile, but the actual g-code generation is always tricky if you don’t have a controller specfic g-code.

What functions?
What post?

I also updated mine to 11. Haven’t used it yet. Curious to see what exactly you are experiencing.

that’s the error

Luckily 105 still works perfectly well, so I can do jobs from that in the meantime.

see my screenshot below

Are these not showing for you? I’ve used the mm one without issue.
Also what G-code sender are you using? Arcs issues are common for some senders that only support so many bits of character length or certain J-codes :man_shrugging:

I am using cncjs, but not sure what the sender has to do since this is on launch of v-carve pro. Version 10.5 has no problem, 11 fails

Whoa, where is that list? That doesn’t look like my list at all…

Go to pick one of the g-code default ones and then select the at the top of that list and then the full list pops up to pick from…and that photo was that full list

Migrate you previous PP into your new version of

Where is the migrate function?

I think you can perform as below.
Open your previous version of Vectric and click on file, open application data folder.
There you will see My Post p. OPent that and move your PP to same location in new version.

Can’t u just use the GRBL post