V Carve/Aspire vs Fusion 360 - Guitar Builders Dilemma?

I’ve read all the threads and I’m still uncertain where to set up my “software” shop.

  1. Primarily I will be using my x carve for making guitars.
  2. I’ve already downloaded a ton of 3D guitar files, just no clue with how to get them ready in a CAM program.
  3. I am interested in getting a 3D printer at some point

My findings so far:

  1. V Carve looks to be easier to use (Shorter Learning Curve)
  2. Fusion 360 has more capabilities in relation to 3D product development

this statement is what would make me want to try to learn fusion 360.

the X-Carve is a subtractive machine. 3D printer is an additive machine.

Fusion 360 can be used for both in terms of design and then export.

not saying you could not use V-Carve for 3D printing design just never heard of anyone using it as a go to in that environment.

using one program for both would have the advantage of only one program to learn and get used to.


I committed to learning Fusion since I am doing CNC and 3D printing and its all I one software package. the learning curve is steep, but I feel I ultimately can be more creative if I can use two different machine types especially for prototyping. build some uses right now. I’ve got it down for 3D printing/desigining but just starting to learn CAM for the carve with it now.

Good to know; I have a bunch of 3d files I downloaded into fusion 360, but trying to figure out how to pull out certain parts (guitar body, neck, fretboard) and create CAM files for them.

Where do you get your 3d files?