V Carve desktop at 24" vs V Carve pro

V Carve pro is more expensive than V Carve desktop and I think the only difference is that V Carve desktop limits you to 24" x 24". I’m curious as to how many people on here actually carve things over 24 x 24. We have a Max of 31" on our X Carve so is the difference in price worth it?

That’s a personal question that you have to ask based on the type of projects you are doing. I have carved a number of projects over that size and have tiled the project. I have the desktop version which will actually cut 25x25. This works great for me at this time. My own cutoff is if I start doing half of my projects over that size I will move up to the pro edition and pay the difference. I’m not there yet.

well you can tile to get bigger than 24" by tiling with V-Carve.

Personally I would say half my projects so far have been larger than that… however I have a larger machine that is not an XC.

It is all in what you do with your machine… good thing is that you can get Desktop and upgrade from there if you need it.

In addition to removing the 25"x25" size limit, pro also includes nesting, scripting, toolpath merging and rotary axis support (to name a few). I bought it strictly for the nesting option…


You can always start with Desktop and if you then need Pro, you only pay the difference between the two so the cost will be the same.

Interest piqued!

I think there also gadgets available for the Pro version. Such as doing dovetails and maybe even threading.

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