V-Carve Help Needed

When cutting a profile and using the RAMPS feature to ramp the bit into the material, my tabs dissappear. Has anyone else had this problem?

I haven’t been using ramps but I just now added them to a drawing and the tabs stayed with no change. Is it possible you have multiple start points on your vector(s) that are near the tabs causing interference?

I’ve used ramping several times and it’s never done anything to the tabs. Try setting the ramp and the ramp distance and then going in and setting your tabs.

Do the Tabs show up Ok when you preview of the cut?

Yep. They were in the preview. I deleted all the tabs and the toolpath. Regenerated the tool path with new tabs and increased the thickness and it worked fine. It was a little scary, but it is working.

I have to believe this is user error, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out how. .125" material, .06" tabs.

I upped it to .09" and they worked and I could still twist the piece free so I guess I am good.