V-carve letters progressively get deeper

Okay, so I have been struggling with this for about a month now, and this is driving me crazy. If I do any type of v-carving with easel, each letter will be cut deeper than the last letter. It looks as though each letter will sink .01" from the last. For my latest test, i tried to carve the alphabet with a 1/8" 60 degree v-bit and no flat depth. Starting from the upper left corner and travelling left to right on the y-axis, then it went down one line and travelled right to left on the y-axis. The tool path was set up as it shows below.


I have installed a new waste board and leveled that to the machine, and recalibrated my Z probe and I am still having the same problem. I do not know if this is a programming error or maybe the Z stepper motor has failed somehow. If anyone has had this problem and fixed it, or if you just know what’s going on, please let me know.


I am having similar problems. As my spindle travels to the right is it gets shallower for about 8 or nine inches then gets deeper as it goes the rest of the way across. I’m at a loss.


Yeah, I’m at a loss as well, I hope someone sees this post that knows what’s going on.

Suspect grub (set screws) on the Z pulley are loose preventing lift back correct amount each time resulting lower and lower position.