V Carve Pro 11 to Easel Issue

Exporting gcode from V Carve Pro and opening with Easel and it is blue, followed post processor installation instructions but nothings working.

well, if you imported a gcode you will not see an image. the blue you see is the tool path.

you should give this a shot,

OpenBuilds CONTROL - Machine Interface Controller



Thank you I’ll look into this, greatly appreciate it. I am extremely new to this software and I’m assuming that to my understanding V Carve doesn’t have the ability to connect directly to the X Carve and cut/ carve projects from the software? Why is this?

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It does for some CNC 's with intergraded and/or built-in controller, this is something the Xcarve doesn’t have.

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The blue looks perfectly normal… the finishing toolpath has riny stepovers and that reaults in a covered blue lines…

Now whether you want the location to be that far from the 0,0 position?
I also use openbuilds control, great sender, ans the post processor it supports arcs (while easel as the sender wont do the arcs, which can make the carve times longer)

Thank you again. I will look into OpenBuilds CONTROL - Machine Interface Controller.

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