V_Carve Pro (Desktop) workflow overview

V-Carve Pro generates a G-code file. You will need the Inventables Post Processor for V-Carve here:

It’s the X_Carve_PostP.zip file. If you took the defaults for the V_Carve Pro installation, unzip this file into:
C:\ProgramData\Vectric\VCarve Pro\V8.0\My_PostP

Once you get the project generated in V_Carve Pro and set up your toolpaths, use the save toolpath option in V_Carve Pro. This saves the G-code into a file that Universal G-code Sender (UGCS) can read and send to the X-Carve, (NOTE: Easel can now import G-code and send it to the X-Carve.)

In UGCS, select the COM port where your Aduino is attached and set the baud rate to 115200 (in both UGCS and in the properties of the COM port where the Arduino is attached).

In UGCS, in the “Machine Control” tab home your machine ($H), using the “Machine Control” tab jog your machine to the location that you set up in V_Carve Pro as your Work Zero in the design at the location on your material that you want to start carving and use the “Reset Zero” button to establish Work Zero on the X-carve, and then you can send your G-code file to the X-Carve using the UGCS “File Mode” tab.

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