V-Carve Pro Help

Does anyone know how to group and nest these shapes together?

I am having a problem where the circle and the heart seperate and I need them to stay together but in a nested format

I use the circle to drill a hole and then the heart is the cutout so i need them together

I have tried grouping them together using the “group objects button” but that does not work for some reason

here is the circle and heart and this is how they need to stay

this is how they look when you nest and they are all separated

select both objects…hit the G key to group them…

sorry…just saw you tried that…

like I said I already tried that even if I group them together they still separate when nesting

from their forum: Problem with Grouping and Nesting - Vectric Customer

Apparently the software can detect parts and is not fooled by the grouping. In other words, it recognizes outer boundaries.

What you can try is to create a boundary a little bit outside of your parts group. Then group that with the parts. After nesting you can ungroup the extra boundaries and remove them.

Do you have a finished product or picture of what you are trying to do? I’m just having trouble visualizing.


this is what I was trying to accomplish you can see the holes with the hearts in a nested format I had to go back and manually place all the circles and it took forever

So you want to drill the hole out of the center of the circle to put ribbon through or something? You want a heart with a hanging ring?

If that is the case, you could make the circle slightly larger, so that it slightly overlaps the lobes of the heart and then trim the overlapping areas away.

Can you not just join the vectors together? I always play around with the different join options to see which works best.

No I am drilling a hole right there because of the inside radius is so tight that the tools wont fit so once the piece is taken off the machine I will just need to cut a little bit on the bandsaw to clean it up

here is what it will look like off the machine


thank you for that I guess that is a little work around and will probably work the only problem is that it nests to the outside boundary shape not the actual shape that you are trying to nest

although I wonder if I was just to offset the heart outwards around the whole thing that will probably get me closer than the square


I thought about that just joining them together but then you would not be able to just select the hole for the drilling operation once you start doing the tool paths

If you’re cleaning up on the bandsaw anyway, if you left the circle out completely, would you not just have a tine bit more to cut?

I guess I’m just not getting it.


well I will not be cleaning these up on the bandsaw my customer will when they assemble all the pieces together and I guess I just wanted to give them a point of reference as close as I could to the actual profile of the heart but even with the .125" holes it still needs bandsaw or scroll saw work

So, here’s what I would try to see what happen.

Duplicate the circle, use the offset tool to add like 0.001", join the heart and the duplicate circle together to create one shape. Then using the original shape, subtract that out of the combined shape. Then you can setup a profile toolpath which will take care of the hole. Or, once you do that, try a drilling toolpath and see where it creates the toolpath when you select the entire shape.

dang that sounds complicated lol

I am having trouble following that but I think I see what you mean

Yeah, with thin stock and a 1/16" bit there’d be no issue, but it looks like you are using something much thicker.

If trying to nest, could you select the heart and the circle, then offset the whole thing, then select all 3 parts and nest that? I’d check myself instead of just floating suggestions, but I have desktop.


yeah I think I need to just offset the circles to just over the circle and then group everything together to get a tighter nest

it works when you place a square around the heart and circle then group them all together but then when you nest it the software will not rotate the squares for some reason

and yeah I am cutting these out of 3/4" pine

So if it works when you box them in and group, you should be able to offset with a small offset and group together as well.

yeah I am thinking so I think I will do that in the future I just went ahead and placed the circles manually about an hour ago to finish the cam on this job

thanks for your suggestions

I think I am going to contact vectric and see if maybe there is a problem and if they can issue a patch

anyone have v-carve pro v9 they want to shoot my way lol?

Thais so weird that it is doing that…
Brainstorming here. Not sure if this will work but…

Try putting a oval around the heart and circle. Group all three and try nesting that.
Then select all and un-group.

If you want to get tricky put the oval on a separate layer, then un-group onto object layer so you can hide them when done.