V carve Pro to X-carve workflow

Sometimes it seems the most basic info is hard to find. What is the general workflow for using V-Carve with the X-Carve? I bought V-carve Pro, thinking I would use that instead of Easel but it seems that things I create in V-Carve Pro need to be saved and imported into Easel? Is that correct? Can I not send directly to the X-Carve? I have no preference either way, just trying to figure out the standard procedures. Thanks.

You need to:

  • set appropriate feeds and speeds
  • pick an appropriate post-processor — we have some for the Shapeoko at: http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Commercial_Software#2.5D_CAM
  • output a G-code file
  • mount a piece of stock in the machine
  • install an appropriate endmill
  • get the machine to the origin and set that
  • send the file using Easel or some other communication / control program

Overview here: http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Workflow


I also have V Carve Pro so I’m familiar with what you are doing. Yes once you create a G-code file with Vcarve you have to use some other software to send the file to the machine itself. Some people use Easel, some use Universal G Code Sender (free), Chilipepper, Picsender, there are some others but these seem to be the most popular.

I had to spend some time looking at each and figure out which I wanted to use. I settled on UGS v2 with the old API. It is be no means perfect but I found it more stable then Easel and Chilipepper.

Depending on how serious you get with your machine you will soon find yourself looking for a better solution. I’m currently scrapping my entire electronic package on the x-Carve and replacing it with something else. I’m not done yet so I can’t recommend it yet but I’m going to post a build log here soon of it so check it out in a couple of weeks.

Sounds like I’m doing it right then. So V-carve Pro is for creating or importing artwork and then creating tool paths, but not for sending to your machine.