V-Carve Pro vs Fusion 360

I want to be able to do archtop solid body guitars, and other carves that are complex curved surfaces.

I was going to get V-Carve Pro because I understand I need that to do the complex shapes easily.

Does Fusion 360 do everything that V-Carve Pro does?

What are the significant differences?

Fusion 360 does lot more than Vcarve.
Main advantage is you can extrude any shape into curves, Mesh ETC. Vcarve only carves if you have shapes already drawn by other 3d software.
The problem is mastering Fusion takes time. When you figure, your Guitar project will be easy.

Yeah, what @RobertCanning said!

Thanks, I started writing my own 3D modeling software in the mid-late 1980’s since none existed and did 3D modeling and animation work professionally for decades after that.

I have worked with all of 3D major ( and no so major ) commercial modeling packages.

I think I will be fine with learning Fusion 360 ( or anything else for that matter ) if that is the only concern vs V-Carve Pro. Especially since you need to model in something else to use V-Carve Pro from my understanding and that is just more expense.

My main concern is does Fusion 360 drive the X-Carve efficiently?

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It does. All you have to do is search this forum for previous posts regarding Fusion360 Cam issues.

Yeah I bought fusion 360 and I bought V-carve Pro

both have there advantages and disadvantages the main thing to consider is tht Fusion 360 is not designed for cnc routers and V-carve Pro is.

So that being said will Fusion 360 work with cnc routers?..absolutely do you have to change quite a few settings to dial in your machine? yeah it helps

take a look at my quick tip series on fusion 360, V-carve and Easel I am workin on more videos as we speak specific to cnc routers

Alot of things matter when you are selecting a cad/cam package and most of that has to do with the products that you are producing. Fusion 360 is a great 3D Modeling program and has many many many more features than V-Carve but V-carve is designed with a cnc router business in mind and has things that fusion lacks that you will really like

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