V carve run time issues


Here is the project I am trying to run (design courtesy of a fellow member here). When I decrease the cut depth the run time increases…How does that make sense? also seems like regardless of what I set the cut depth to it always cuts the same depth, .04" looks the same as a 0.01" cut…

I ran a few samples the other day and the cutting was SO inconsistent, sometimes it would cut the whole cursive name in one go and other times it would just peck at the material for like 5 mins leaving just small divets. I’ve wasted 2 of my free Pro days trying to get this to work.

Try these settings:

Hi Omar,

I’m sorry you are having problems with Easel Pro. At the end of a carve, Easel will ask if everything turned out OK. If you click “No” and then click “Get help from Inventables” you can describe your problem and someone from Inventables will review your issue and get back to you. Additionally, all of the information about your carve such as feed rate, depth per pass, etc. will be captured automatically for us to review.

thanks. Is there a reason a 1/16" deep cut shows less time than a 1/32" deep cut?

I will try running this again today and see what happens.

Shallower, yet wider I guess.

ahh I see, it will need to use the point of the bit to carve out the whole letter.

Hi Omar,

Seems like you have changed the project a bit. However, I copied the project and modified it according to your comments (please correct me if I made a mistake).
Project #1 (depth 1/16): https://easel.inventables.com/projects/e8ZWszD2ML_vglvTe39wPg
Project #2 (depth 1/32): https://easel.inventables.com/projects/bTE5Wlf2n7OEUhJOU1eATg

When I simulated these projects I got following estimated times.
Project #1 (depth 1/16): 0min(roughing) + 17min(detailing)
Project #2 (depth 1/32): 1min(roughing) + 36min(detailing)

Clearly the shallower project takes more time in both roughing and detailing.

If you look carefully you will notice, Project #1 (depth 1/32) has more “flat depth area” than Project #2 (depth 1/16).
See the following two images.

Project #1 (depth 1/16)
35 PM

Project #2 (depth 1/32)
30 PM

This means, the roughing bit can contribute more in “flat depth area”. Meaning, it would take more time in roughing (0min vs 1min).
Usually roughing bit can’t reach all corners in the “flat depth area”. In v-carving, the v-bit try to carve those unreachable flat areas by adding more and more passes.
In following image, you can see roughing pass in light blue, and detailing pass in darker blue.
03 PM
Since the Project #2 (depth 1/32) has more “flat depth area”, detail bit has to make a lot of passes and takes longer time to finish.

Hope this helps to understand why Project #2 takes longer time to finish.

Please let me know if you have any questions. We are constantly working on improving the toolpath generation.

Thank you


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