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My apologies, but I don’t understand why you charge $10.00 to ship the V-Carve Pro memory stick?
According to the website, quoted below:

Note: This software is a physical USB stick. There is no download option available at the time of purchase. Once you register the license, the software can be dowloaded from the Vectric website.

There is no download option at time of purchase but there is after you register license, so, does that mean that the only thing on the USB stick is the license? If so, why do you need to put it on a USB stick and charge an extra $10 to ship?

Thank you.

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I would believe it to be a DRM thing. If they could email you the key then it would not be that hard for someone to break the code and bypass purchasing fees. if it requires a dongle (USB stick) then that makes it much harder to bypass.

Thank you for your response but the point I was stressing was the cost to mail a USB stick.

$10 to ship a USB that could be added to one of the boxes already being shipped is a bit much

It is not a DRM dongle. Vcarve does not require a dongle, only a serial number. There is no good reason to either need a USB stick as the latest version is always available in your Vectrics account with your personal serial numbers, and if you did need a USB (which you don’t) it could easily be accommodated in any of the packages.

While I certainly agree with the OP (and others) about needing a USB stick for V carve (you don’t), I believe the problem here is the way that Vectric handles their outside sales from distributors such as Inventables.

Inventables has a bulk agreement to sell a particular version of V carve for “X” amount. They are not allowed to host this version for download, but only to distribute it to the end user via USB stick or other physical means. Vectric, however, DOES host their versions on their site, and distribute their keys via email. (I know, because I bought my V carve from Vectric directly.)

Once you have your “inventables” version in hand, and registered, you are free to update as needed for that particular license agreement from the Vectric website.
Vectric does NOT maintain a 3rd party backend for distributors, so until registered, you can’t access these versions.

As a business, Inventables has to pay someone to process the sale, send out the version, provide shipping information, liason with the shipper, etc.
your $10 covers this cost, as I do believe that Inventables is passing on a savings for V Carve to the end user, instead of trying to profit from the sale.

Not every user will buy V carve at the time of purchase of their machine, so this is a necessary evil. Those that do however, are subject to the same charges, simply because of the economy of scale for having to process those that dont.

I don’t work there (inventables or vectric), but I have enough experience to believe what I am saying is true.
Your mileage may vary…

Hi @RandyOuellette - We ship the USB drives from our warehouse because that’s the way we work with the distributor. That’s why there’s a shipping cost.

If you have any other questions, our Customer Success team would be happy to chat with you!