V-Carve toolpaths - Easel? (drop 0.125" on first pass, then 0.05")

Using V-Carve Pro. When I specify a multiple pass tool path with a specific 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. depth pass, Easel ignores the specifications.

Can you share your project?
File-ShareFile-Public-copy URL, click Save and close, paste URL here.

We dont have much to go on unfortunately.

Hmmm. Say, if I’m doing a 3D modeling of a bowl and I’m using a 1/4” end mill as my clearing tool, 16,000rpm, a feed rate of 40in and specify a first pass of .05, with subsequent 5 or 6 passes, Easel will do a first pass of .125!

Sounds like an improper/incorrect Z-zero reference then.
In V-Carve Pro how is your stock set up? Screen shot is nice :slight_smile:

Hope someone with experience with V-Carve Pro will chime in, its a program I am not familiar with.
I have edited your thread title to highlight your issue better.

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It’s 3:42 AM, I’ll come back to this tomorrow. Thanks​:yawning_face::mask::bangbang:

Stock is 12”X12”X1/2”with X,Y centered on the surface for design purposes then changed to lower left corner surface for carving tool path.

Can you share your gcode?
How are you setting Z-zero?