V Carve Unavailable with New X Carve bundle?

Im trying to check out with my new machine… and WAH WAH WAHHHH. it says V carve desktop is no longer available. Whats up with that?


Looks like it is still there for me, in the accessories section.

it is there, but upon checkout it gives an error saying you must remove it from your cart.

worst case scenario. i have to pay 20$ more for it direct from vectric. Just thought maybe a conflict had arisen and it was not available for some good reason rather than just out of stock

Check MeshCam to see, lot more functions. http://www.grzsoftware.com/

I think you are still bitter about Vectric giving you a hard time changing the company name.

No, MeshCam start giving impressive bundles and great online courses. Also they’re adding more and more into software which they have very serious test labs.

Not to mention, i do have pro bundle with Mesh viewer.

Is it possible to do design in Meshcam or does it just create toolpaths from imported STL files?

Creates, generates tool paths, also loads any toolpath to work pane for correcting drawing. You can load any cad drawing, turn 2D vectors into Earth system they call, basically you can extrude vectors and make it 3D.

Sounds nice, how much for that bundle?

I was pay $525 plus $50 a year for lifetime upgrade. Gave me hard time on my Laptop, I purchased Vcarve. Vcarve start giving me hard time after month as well. Then I build Desktop. Now both working good. Small stuff, I’m using Vcarve, if I need more pricese drawing and playing vectors, I’m using MashCam.

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By the way, if you want to take full advantage of your Vcarve, you must have graphics Card power. My desktop have 2 gig Rodeon, unbelievable zoom details and speed.

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I’m sure that if you purchased now and then called Inventables and explained to them the situation they would give you the discount. It might be just as easy to give them a call and see if they can help you out.

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thanks guys
guys, while I have your attention, my main projects will involve importing logos to pit on end lit acrylic signs. right now im playing with aspire, but im curious what software you may recommend for this, aspire seems overly complicated to smooth out lines amd things. Any input is good. Im a novice at this.

yeah, ignore typos… i have ogre hands and a small phone. tyvm

update. problem solved all necessary software in place.

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Hi Alan. Glad that speed is really good for you, but it you are talking about VCarve Pro or Desktop then I think that the increased performance is actually probably due to more memory or CPU speed. It might be important for other readers to know that VCarve (or even Aspire) don’t require a powerful graphics card.

It’s not requirement. It’s for your eye comfort. Good graphics card gives you clear pixels, you can zoom and see every single detail. Of course VCarve works even window XP laptop with shared graphics memory, if you really satisfied. Difrence is you look outside from icey glass, I look from clear glass.

Alan, You are kidding right? A pixel is a pixel, some monitors have better resolution/contrast etc but how the pixel looks is only a function of the monitor not the graphics card. A high end graphics card is high end because it will have a much faster GPU (Graphical Processing Unit). These GPU’s are capable of performing very fast parallel computations on all of the individual pixels enabling the pixels to be refreshed and changed very quickly. This is what allows the super realistic images of a modern video game to be refreshed 120 times per second. Providing a seamless and smooth virtual environment.

Programs like Vcarve take advantage of the massive processing power of the GPU’s to calculate and display the 3D images of your project. When you click on the image and rotate, pan or tilt there are a massive number of calculations being performed for each pixel of the display. If the graphics card is not fast enough you will see a lot of lag from when you move the image till it is re-displayed. But when it is finally displayed it will look exactly like the image produced from a less powerful graphics card.

If the lag is to large then it is possible to reduce the monitor resolution so that there are fewer pixels to calculate so maybe that is what you mean, your graphics card has allowed you utilize the full resolution your monitor is capable of displaying with out noticeable lag. But unless you have purchased a 4K monitor you are probably using a resolution of about 1400 x 1000 (the actual aspect ratio of your monitor determines the exact resolution).

The very best 5K monitors are capable of displaying about 2800 x 1800 pixels and those monitors definitely require a very high end graphics card to push around all those pixels.

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