V-Carve Version 9 Teaser Video from Vectric


ouuu I think I get a free upgrade

Is this for desktop or just the pro edition?

You know what I know…lol…the video came across my facebook feed, so I have no idea if this is Desktop or Pro or Both.

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Time will tell. I am planning to get the desktop version later this year

either way they let you upgrade to pro for a fair price.

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According to the Q&A there is a 12 month period in which you’ll be eligible for the free upgrade to V9… now if they would just let us know when V9 is scheduled to release.

I’m retired so I do not have the money for either one desktop or pro right now. Got to save my pennies


The post after that video is interesting as well…

Keyword: imminent


I feel your pain recently laid off. Attempting to do this full time so that I can also take care of my newborn

Thank you

The teaser video posts so within 3 months.

Here is the next teaser video:

Too bad no free upgrade for me :frowning: it has been too long.

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That was an aspire demo…

It’s pretty simple to:

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Yes: https://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/OpenSCAD

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The videos are the best.

I got the free upgrade! :slight_smile:

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