V-Carving / Engraving

I found very handy application for V-Carving and Engraving. Exporting SVG as well. If anyone interest. And FREE.


+1 for F-Engrave. I recently made the following with it.


Awesome, looks fantastic.

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i played around a little with f-engrave but was a little confused by how it works. is each line and image on your carving a different toolpath or did you do the whole thing on one path?

how did you do the border cut?

I didn’t go deep inside yet, because I have Vcarve pro. But I know many people making money in sign business with this software. If you go back to site you downloaded, you’ll find pdf format user manual for.

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How did you do the black part? Did you use masking tape and paint?

My software trail was quite different from “normal” CNC processes. I’m doing as much as I can with free software. For this plaque, I wanted to compose all of the field - letters and graphics - in one place. I’ve had PrintMaster for a long time for cards, posters, etc. I started by typing the name vertically, then added the other lettering. After that was composed, I found some basic graphics in PM to fill in the field. PM provides for saving in several formats, including bitmap.

F-Engrave imports bmp files and processes them for engraving or v-grooving. I gave it the parameters for a 1/2" v-bit and 1/4" cutting depth. FE generates the tool path, then you save the gcode. It also allows you to set one of nine points as the origin: Bottom left, center and right; Middle left center and right; Top left, center and right. I chose middle center for the origin of this item so I could mark the center point of the plaque and keep everything aligned.

I needed two different cuts to make the plaque: one for the frame and one for the field. I created the frame shape in SketchUp, then used the SketchUcam extension to generate gcode. The only origin available is bottom left.

For the wood, I chose some clear pine, but it could be any type of wood. I sanded it, cleaned it thoroughly and applied sign-makers vinyl mask to it. After securing the wood to my SO2, I ran the frame gcode first. When it was complete, I marked the center point, moved my spindle to that location and ran the field gcode. Then, I pulled the plaque off the cnc, cut through the tabs and sanded the edge smooth.

Next, I sprayed clear sealer over the entire plaque and let it dry. Then, I sprayed several coats of a very dark brown finish to the entire plaque. When the finish was dry, I removed the vinyl. I had to use some denatured alcohol to remove some residual adhesive from the plaque, then applied some clear sealer over the whole piece.

ahh ok you made the text portion in another program and saved as a bmp then imported the bmp too f-engrave

i didnt think to try that. the text creation portion of f-engrave didnt seem to be useful

I’ve done a desk name plate and a full page of text in FE. The limitation is having only one size of font at a time. It does well with what it does, but it’s not designed to be a full graphic editor.

I tried using InkScape, but found it much easier to do this plaque with PrintMaster.