V-carving help

I’m getting a lot of shake from my router when v-carving arcs/any line that is not straight. It happens with all bits, but really noticable when using a v-carve bit.

Any suggestions or help would be great. Thanks in advance.

My machine is the 1000mm x-carve, prior to upgrades.

This is vague. A video and a little more information would be useful.

hello Phil,

I always value your imput. Every time I have a problem, you seen to have the answer.

Can you tell me what your refering to and how to look at the nodes. what is it i’m looking for and how to potentially fix the problem.

when my x-carve is running and carving a curve, the router tends to shake/jump, i wish i had a better description. bottom line is it doesnt carve smoothly, still follows the path just not a very smooth/clean cut.

thank you for your assistance

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easel pro

This is a problem that I and others reported to the inventables team. I know that it has improved but is still occurs. Most likely it is not your machine. I finally purchased vcarve desktop. Problem over.