V Carving in Easel

I have been using my XCarve for about a year or so and recently started using Easel Pro namely the V Carving feature. However the past couple of carves when I import an image and adjust the depth the preview doesnt adust appropriately and it does not carve appropriately as if it is ignoring the fact that I want to carve it deeper. It has worked in the past with the same image. Anyone else having this issue?

Thank you

Carving with V bits is different that with end mills.
The carve should go no deeper that required to fill the width of closed vector. Keep in mind that the deeper a V bit is plunged, the wider the carve.
Depth can be reduced (flat bottom) to avoid cutting through material or reduce cut time.
The one thing I have yet to figure out in EP is what the max depth required for the text created.
Example; if I choose a 60 degree bit for my project will it carve through 1/2" material with heavy text?
If I limit the depth to 3/8 will it have some flat bottom areas?
I am just not that confident with EP yet. I have had mixed results.
For V carving I currently prefer Vectric software.

If you set a max depth it will make that a flat bottom.

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For fill shapes, including text, v-bits carve as deeply as possible to the intended cut depth as long as the bit does not go outside the boundaries of the design. In other words, the bit will always attempt to carve down to the design’s cut depth. However, if carving to the indicated depth jeopardizes your design, the bit will not carve the full depth.

The bit yields to the design’s limitations first and foremost when carving fill shapes. In Easel Pro, fill shapes include any shapes displaying as “fills” in the Cut/Shape menu.

Text elements added using Easel Pro’s text tool act as fill shapes, as shown in the below GIF. Treating text elements as fill shapes allow v-bits to carve deeper on thicker parts of certain letters and shallower in thinner areas—even on the same letter.

Notice how the depth of the text in the next GIF doesn’t change, even when the depth is set considerably deeper on the Cut/Shape menu. This is because the bit cannot carve any deeper without going outside the boundaries of each letter’s design.

For outline shapes, a v-bit will always carve to the indicated depth set in the Cut/Shape menu. This means the width of the outline will change depending on the depth.

If you have a shallow outline, the toolpath narrows because the shape is carved by the narrowest end of the v-bit. A deeper carve will have a wider toolpath. As the machine carves deeper into the material, the v-bit carves using the wider part of the bit. This results in a wider carve.

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More info on doing v-carving in Easel Pro can be found in our support center:


I get what you are saying, I just do not understand why it works in one project but not another with the same image.

Can you share more information about the specific instances in which it’s not working? Maybe some screenshots?