V Carving Plywood?

Hey all, just wondering how successful anyone has been with v carving plywood? I have a specific order the someone wants to place and for what they want, i think using plywood would be best and fastest.

I’m just wondering how nice it’ll look since plywood has layers.

I’ll be using a nice sheet of Walnut vainer ply that i’lll be using.

I have. Here is a dog bowl stand that I did for my dog… Ranger.

Something I didn’t think about at the time but since I cut this I did… if you want some cool contrast, do the cut to the glue layer. it gives a cool look. I just went past the glue layer on this (you can see the dark line on the inside of the cuts.)


Sweet, turns out pretty decent i’d say! I’ll give it a shot

If you do use plywood, get a good grade and don’t go too deep, as small points (inside of letters) can chip off.

I would like to see a photo of your completed dog bowl stand. That looks pretty cool! It’s a project I’ve been thinking about doing for my two labs.