V-Cut Is Very Rough

I have been trying to carve some pine drawer fronts. When I carve them with a small endmill, I get decent results (shown). But I decided to switch to a v-carve bit. However, it’s a lot rougher, and would require a lot more sanding/finishing, it’s also a lot sloppier.

I am using a 1/2 inch 60 degree v-bit.
start depth: 0
flat depth: 0.1"
pass depth: 0.2" <-this was default?
feed rate: 100"/min

Should I slow the feed rate? I don’t have a lot of experience with v-carving, but in the software the emulated output looks great, I would love that result and switch to v-carve, but you see the real end result from this g-code.

Also, when it comes to sanding things like this, what’s a good rotary tool option or how do you go about cleaning/sanding?

end mill:

emulated vcarve:



Yeh that is pretty rough. Having same problem on a mill bit but not that bad. Wow! Mine is showing lines and its a flathead no idea other then maybe its floating?

What is your step-over setting?
Try 1%

Easels default stepover calculations are deceiving. They’re using the overall a bit width and not the actual tip. As stated, switch to 1% stepover and the results should clean up. The other option is a 2 stage carve which would use the end mill for most of the clearing and then the Vbit for the final details.

Have you tried a 2 stage carve?

It sounds like you are not using Easel, is that correct? flat depth, start depth, etc. are not Easel cut settings. What software are you using?

I am using an Aspire file from work, that spit out easel gcode. I could do a two stage carve, or immediately have it go back in another direction.

Stepover is too large and looks like a dull bit

And, it’s pine…