V-wheel debris guards?

Are there any existing examples of any sort of ride-along or static chip guards for the Y-axis or gantry? I am hoping to purchase an X-Carve 1000x1000 (with the X-axis steel backbone ‘upgrade’) and a DWP611 spindle for aluminum milling. I’m likely going to be milling using something similar to the lubrication-free method described by Charley without the air diverter. I’m not particularly concerned with chip buildup in the work area but would like to prevent any FOD to the machine itself… Has anyone come up with a solution specifically for aluminum?


Here are Vwheel covers but not cheap. http://www.bwc.com/products/components-accessories/dualvee-family-wheels-track.html
I am thinking of buying 1 and then making my own.


Just saw this…

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These looks awesome! Too bad they are only for machines with Nema 17s, might have to look at adapting these!

Says it uses the nema 23 holes for mounting so should not be a big problem using it with 23s.

But if I’m using nema 23s those mounting holes will be used. Maybe I’m mis-understanding something.

Looks like you could use longer bolts in the top 2 holes to mount the shields.

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The profile is too conformal right now to fit around the NEMA23 rectangular bodies. But a version that would fit should be easily designable.

The shield is on the pulley side not the motor side so there is no problem with the present design.


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