V-wheels the same as the Smooth Idlers?

Forgive me if this has been covered… started the assembly of my x carriage today, and when opening the package of v-wheels I noticed they were not v-wheels, they were actually the exact same part as the smooth idlers.

Is this something that’s been changed since the video was made?

Do you have 20 of those wheels and an additional 6 smooth rollers. If that is the case they sent you no V wheels. contact sales for help.

That is correct. :frowning:

Does someone have the physical specs of the v-wheels, I can just get them locally at a bearing shop.


Here is a link to the V wheel drawing. http://www.buildlog.net/documents/b17021_rev_3.pdf

V wheels are made up of 4 parts. The Delrin rim 2 5X16X5 ball bearings and a 1mm 5 ID 10 OD center shim.

You can not buy the rims locally. I do have 19 rims that I will be making my own that have the correct 90 degree V so if Inventables will not make this right for you let me know. The 20th rim has a flat spot so is no good.


I am sure this will be resolved by Inventables. It’s frustrating as I live on Vancouver Island all the was up in BC Canada. They said they would send it the fastest way possible and send me the tracking number; that was at 10am this morning… They still have not responded with a tracking number… I’m not holding my breath that I’ll have this thing up and going this weekend; which is unfortunate as my 16 year old is visiting this weekend and it would have been a great project.

Make sure you’ve gone through both boxes, some of the parts for the machine bits were in the box with the other stuff


One thing you and your son could do this week end is to bench test the electronic. Do a temp wiring of all the electronics and steppers on the bench. then you can check that Easel is seeing your machine electronics and show your son how Easel works and how it connects to the machines electronics.
I know it is not as good as seeing the machine move and all.


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Oh David,

Caught you in the age old stereo-type. My 16 year old is my daughter. :wink: she visiting from Washington state where she’s going into her sophomore year at WSU. Was hoping to use her far superior brain power to help me get this thing going. Lol.

She’s an Arduino master!

I have gone thru everything. It’s not that the v-wheels are missing… The package is there full of 20 idlers instead of 20 v-wheels… Must have been packed on a Friday.

You got me there. Well you can still set up the electronics and have her help you debug them.
She sure has some brain power If she is starting her sophomore year at 16.


was it sam you talked to? shes kind of lax on sending tracking numbers but she does get the parts in the mail when she says she will