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VA, Tysons 1000mm X-carve looking for a new place

yes, It is still available. Steven4 might come over tomorrow to see the CNC, but if you live close to Tysons you can also come. I’m leaving the state on Friday, so there are two days left.

Hi Jeffrey, I am nowhere near…unfortunately. Yet, I may be interested in paying UPS to package and ship. On a side note…where are you moving to? I am in Wisconsin.

Jay if you want one for cheaper, watch on the forums, there will be people in Wisconsin selling Xcarve too. Maybe not now but for sure.

Florida, you see the UPS fee for something this big is not worth it. It’s better to buy a new one than paying for shipping. I think the shipping is around $300. The total with shipping Is only a little bit less than a brand new one