Vacuum bags


I am working on a longboard project, and I am looking for good vacuum bags. Anyone has a good source?

Depending on where you are located there may be some local sources. Take a look at CST (The Composites Store), Aircraft Spruce and Fibre Glast on-line. They are the ones I dealt with years ago.

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Thank you. I am in Mexico but will definitely check your sources.!

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I bought this cyclone separator. I’m very satisfied.

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Thank you. Pardon my ignorance… Can you elaborate a little bit what this does?

Sorry it was my misunderstanding. I thought that you looking for vacuum cleaner bags for dust collection thats why I offered cyclone separator :wink:

I wasn’t looking for that… but it will sure help… so that goes between the vac cleaner and the shoe?? My guess it will,relieve the filter from blocking too often??

Yes it’s goes between shoe and vacuum cleaner. It capture ±99.99% of dust. And my vacuum cleaner won’t lost suck power. I forgot then I clean filter last time :slight_smile: And you won’t need to buy special vacuum cleaner you can use old house vacuum cleaner as I do.


Just a heads-up regaring that solution:

Most household vacuum cleaners have its power cord in a coil that reel in / reel out depending on needs. Current flowing through a wire coil will heat up, resistance will increase and there is a risk that the insulation will melt => electrical short & fire hazard.

Nor are they designed to run at full power for longer durations.
Having said that I use the same cyclone / vacuum cleaner.

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Maybe but my vacuum cleaner won’t warmup on long usage. Maybe it’s depends on vacuum cleaner construction/brand and etc…

It is highly dependant on actual usage, quality of parts etc :slight_smile:
Nothing is black or white.

I just wanted to mention it for future reference so proper care can be taken :slight_smile:

great idea!! thanks for sharing

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check your local hardware store for the large rolls of plastic they use to lay as foundation for cement pours(its really heavy duty stuff and way cheaper than buying vacuum bags…get an iron and some brown paper bags to cut your own to size and seal the seams with the iron and paper bag over the seams (to keep the plastic from sticking to the iron). I use this technique down here in Panama. Not perfect but for surfboard type work, its the cheapest solution I’ve got.

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