Vacuum cleaner current Amperes


I’m choosing my vacuum, currently amazon has a great deal on the SL18136

But I’m a bit worried about the electrical consumption, it’s 4hp but it’s peak hp, in the specifications it says 600W, it almost the same as my XC power supply.

But in your experiencie, is your vacuum requesting always the power specified in the plate? With the hose reduction it has more work to do, but I’m confused. Being the motor that powerful as 4Hp, maybe it’ll run smooth and expend less than 600W?

In the other hand, what do you thinh about the capacity 3Gal?

Thanks and my best regards

I agree with Phil on this one. Buy one Dust Collector, attach everything you have and run all day long with no problems at all. That shop vac is sucking awful power and runs top 10 minutes at a time. More suction for sure but use it for cleaning purpose. Search this forum for dust collection usage, you’ll find handy information how to increase suction on Collectors.

Thanks all. Now I’m looking for used dust collector, but I haven’t find any used, but now I’ve discarded the vac option.

70 Gallon Harbor Freight is looks like your best option. I have one and I’m happy with it.
Just follow Internet adds, they sell crazy cheap sometimes, like $127.49.

Thanks man, I’ll look for something similar here in Mexico, I’ve seen some stores which build them

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Just a matter of understanding difference between Vacuum air suction v.s. Tribune air transfer. Mine connected to dust shoe with 2" hose, another valve is half way open and air suction is reasonably good.

it is very difficult to choose a best vacuum cleaner . good filtration system and high power are important about it.