Vacuum Cleaner system Recommendation

Please, anybody, can suggest me, an appropriate Vacuum cleaner system, power, capacity. trademark, thanks in advance-

Thank You, any recommendation?

Harbor freight units have earned some decent respect within the hobby wood worker realm, worth looking into.

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plus any cheap vac. i used harbor freights cheapo vac to keep cost down. this cyclone stops nearly all dust.
i used to need to clean the filter and vac between each job, now i empty the bucket around 5-10 times before i need to take off the filter and whack it a drop to clean it from a little powder… only mdf seems to get fine enough dust in the air to make it through the cyclone. all the rest drops into bucket.

I just my shop vac as dust collection for my CNC all the time and have no issues what so ever. I have two separate dust collection systems in my woodworking shop and use neither of them for the CNC. If you use a clean filter, chip separator, and make sure the area you have the shop vac is vented you wont have an issue. I just had to replace a shop vac that was 15 years old… just saying!

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The main issue regarding the longevity of any “shop vac” is that is uses a universal type motor. These motors typically have carbon brushes, (just like the dewalt router) and more often than not , bronze bushings instead of ball bearings. Some older units from days gone by when things were made to last might have had oilite or even ball bearings on the motor shaft.

Keeping things clean certainly helps extend the life of the motor as it gets it’s cooling air from what it sucks in or from around the outside of the housing near the exhaust outlet. this potentially dust laden air then gets sent right through the motor. But, this type of unit simply isnt designed to run for long hours at a stretch.

You may be fortunate and get many years out of one, and you may not, as well.

And I could win the lottery this next week too… oops, not gonna happen since I didnt buy a ticket.

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All good advice.

I Actually have both - a Ryobi brand shop vac and a large professional dust extractor (style with the large filter bags above the plastic collection bags). At this stage, I’m still using the shop vac on my X Carve and the bigger machine is used on my router table, thicknesser etc.

I’m doing this for a couple of reasons. The shop vac has an extra socket on it for the X Carve (DeWalt) router to plug into. When I turn the router on, the shop vac comes on too; when I turn the router off, the shop vac goes off 15-20 seconds later. The shop vac also has more “suction”. The big extractor moves more air by volume, but the shop vac pulls the dust & debris through the smaller hose and X Carve mounted dust boot better than the bigger machine seems to do (i also use a 'Dust Deputy" inline to separate the bigger bits). I can also quickly grab the hose, connect it to the stainless floor attachment to quickly clean the floor after I’ve finished playing. I did however have some major problems with static before I grounded everything including my hoses.

I know this setup isn’t ideal, the shop vac is noisier and won’t last forever, but I’ve been using it for 18 months or so and it still sucks (sorry, couldn’t resist).

If the X Carve is the only machine you have, and if the shop vac is all you can afford, maybe it’s not such a bad option.

thanks for your answer, any equipment u recommend to shop?, I mean specific brand?

My 2HP dust collector draws nearly 19 amps which is a lot of power to be drawing for extended periods. I use a Ridgid shop vac on the Xcarve because of that.

In the future I might spring for a Festool or Fein mini dust collector, (think shop vac sized), but for now the Ridgid vac is doing just fine. The one I’m running is almost 9 years old and has been abused. They go on sale for $40 or $50 a couple of times a year. I’ve gotten them on black Friday at Home Depot.

Also, as others have said, the mini Dust Deputy is great! It keeps the dust from getting to the vac filter and you don’t lose any suction.

I think both shop vacs I have in the shop are both just the Shop Vac brand I picked up at Lowes or Home Depot. I am using a Dust Right Separator that I got from Rockler as my chip separator and I went with that brand because of the lower profile it had over some of the cyclone models.

I didn’t look at that link, but I have the dust deputy by Oneida and ah man does it work!!! I never use my shop vac for anything without it and it one of the few things that work exactly as claimed lol

I have use a Rigid 14 gallon shop vac and the Oneida cyclone for a year, every other weekend for 1 hr. Probably 25hrs total run time so far and no problems.
The cyclone really does take care of 99% of the debris.
I built a caddy to bolt on top of the bucket to keep things organized.

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