Vacuum for Hold Downs/Clamps

Has anyone tried using a vacuum clamp for a hold down or clamp?
Something like these:,43838


I need to cut right up to the edge of a board so can’t use regular clamps. I might try double sided tape but I’ve heard it doesn’t work very well.

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I use this or a smaller one just about every day. I need to make a 24x24 soon.

Try the masking tape with super glue trick. It works incredibly well. I don’t use clamps anymore.

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What do you use for suction? Shop vac, or vacuum pump?

Shop vac for plastic sheet and thin stock. I have a 2 stage pump if I need to keep a constant seal.

Thanks for the tip!
I used that and it worked almost too well. Was a bit of a pain to get off because I cut through the “tabs” of the tape.

And it managed to point out a couple issues I had with my machine. I tested the X direction and thought it wasn’t completely lined up with the lines on the waste board so I made a large square and cut that into the waste board. Turned out it was straight. But in doing that I noticed one of my wheels was out of adjustment.

So, Thanks for the help!

I think I’m still going to look at the vacuum as it seems like it would be must faster and easier to line things up, but the tape/glue trick definitely works!!

I think I’m going to design my own Torsion Box / vacuum table. I don’t see why the best designs of both can’t be combined.

Quick update. I scored a whole veneering setup with a large vacuum pump, valves, switches, etc. I ordered a cheap set of clamps off ebay so I can see how it goes.

Congrats. Keep us updated :+1:

Nice score. I’ve been watching for a basic set up to make recurve bow laminations. I’ve got my riser cut out of bubinga.

Quick update. I finally got the parts to hook up the vacuum clamps I got from ebay.
Unfortunately I was really disappointed with how they work.
The holes for the screws leak unless you seal them because the holes are in the middle. I’m still working on fixing this because they are leaking enough air that 4 of the clamps together won’t hold.
One clamp held a board fairly well but I could still easily pull it apart.