Vacuum hose recommendation for Suckit

Looking for a vacuum hose that has a swivel end connector that I can use with my Suckit dust boot.

The hose I have now doesn’t swivel and is causing some binding as the Xcarve moves around the table.

If I loosely couple the hose to the Suckit so it can slip some all is fine.

Availability on Amazon is a plus!

I am looking for same. I bought Suckit boot before I even received my xcarve 2. I just put hose in loosely right now.

Right now, my hose is supported by some paracord up to the wall in my unfinished basement. My final plan is to have it supported on a pulley on a vinyl coated steel cable but I may scale that back some. I found the biggest “issue” is getting the hose adequately support above the table surface or else it hangs pretty bad. My only remaining “issue” is when the Xcarve is in the top right corner, the hose will snag on an end plate but its nothing major.

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I’ve got my hose supported from above with a counter weighted articulating arm. This works well, but the hose wants to twist slighly as it moves around the work space.

I have an orange hose that came with a shop vac and it has a nice swivel coupler, but it is about twice the weight of the other hoses I have.

Maybe my issue is being caused by my support arm being able to swing from side to side which causes the hose to rotate slightly.

I designed and 3D printed a hose clip that mounts on the top of the Z axis, then I use a roller stand behind the X-Carve for support. I uploaded it to Thingiverse here. So far it’s been working very well.

Nice design, I like the use of the roller stand.

Maybe I just need to loosely connect the hose to my support arm so it has some “wiggle room”.

Rockler sells a standard 2 1/4" shop vac hose swivel. What size do you need ?

Nice find Andy, I think this will do the trick!

I u a bike to support my 2.5 inch hose

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Will any bike do or do you need a specific brand?


An upside bike apparently…

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Tandom preferred, but I think any will do.

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