Vacuum noise isolation

Any ideas on how to baffle the vacuum. The 611 noise level is fine. It’s the vacuum that’s unbearable.

Just got my X-Carve, this enclosure and table is for a Craftsman shop vac. Post more pics tomorrow, appears to drop the noise a lot. Also have dust collector, just didn’t want to run it on this new setup, that may change depending on dB level.

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Beat me to it! Plenty of designs out there for this. I plan on building one very soon! You can pick up noise cancelling foam for dearly cheap on Aliexpress and ebay. Just be careful with heating issues.

Whoa nice

Got a chance to try out the initial noise levels today. Still have a few more mods to do, dropped the noise 12 dB’s so far ( keep in mind a change of 3dB is twice as loud or quiet). Sound level acceptable, but I believe adding more dampening material will make it better. Heat rises to the top of the enclosure, and sucked out the tube and blown out the bottom of the enclosure.

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Nice table! I wonder what the difference in db would be if you used that black noise dampening triangles

Hello Phil, You are very active forum passion guy. As a matter of interest I did took some of your good comments and advise, here it is my turn to return some bits and pieces of information about dust collection and noise limitation. I am enclosing few pictures about my installation of a dust shoe attached to my Dewalt 611 along with a vacuum hose to a Fein vacuum model Turbo-1 and an I mount my X-carve 1000m on a rubberized matt made by Vigurus Technologies( ). I have done all those add-on based on many comments from the forum users. At the end of the day I am getting a clean table using the Fein vacuum machine and the rubberized matt reduce the vibration substantially and the noise reading at 3ft from the table with all system running is 66 to 72 db. which I feel it is about what I can get for this system. The next step will be to build a ‘‘cage’’ made of polycarbonate panels to cut down the noise.

An other topic, is the maintenance of the machine. To avoid problems with wheels and belts and other concerns it to keep your machine CLEAN and lubricate when necessary the Z axis pole. You will reduce your problem on a long run basis.

This is my two bit input.
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