Valentine Day Project Ideas

Anyone have any new ideas for valentine day? I prefer quick cheap projects I can sell for a few bucks.

There was a really great post that a contributor had where it looked like the initials were carved into a tree… however all his stuff is gone now

Google images for free clip art

If you go to Thingiverse you can use the customizer app to place 4 messages on 4 hearts. These will then be in .stl format. If you have a package like Vectric’s Vcarve Desktop, you can create the tool paths to carve these out. The app has an option to put a hole in the heart so that you can make it into a necklace.

Openscaddad has some other CNC projects in a collection.

He’s the greatest!!!

Candy hearts, as noted above, seem easy and obvious and like something that would sell.

Lots of SVG files out there of roses … carve in red oak, reddish stain and some tung oil … could be a trivet or whatever. Could even do a carve of a dozen roses arranged on a circle. With a V bit, I think it would go pretty quick.

Any other ideas I have get complex, like small wooden boxes to put chocolates or jewelry or whatever into.

I think I just have a aversion to this holiday lol. Any other time I’m so much more excited about ideas of things to make lol.

I think this was by Phil Johnson.

You can contact him at:


SHHHH I don’t think you are allowed to speak his name here anymore… Lets just call him “Voldermort” from now on.


I think a way to go and maybe sell even better is to go snarky or a little bit against the Valentines Day grain. Not hateful, but tweak it a bit. I’m thinking of the coffee mug a co-worker has that says, “Have a happy whatever doesn’t offend you.”

So I’m picturing a heart or flower or whatever that says something like, “This hereby certifies my acknowledgement of this and all future Saint Valentine’s Days.”

And it is a shame. :cry:

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Cheap. Not necessarily quick.

I’m going with bandsaw hearts from 4x4 cedar. One inside the other. Not a CNC project, but could have a name or message engraved on the lid.

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Those look nice!

This didn’t take too long and worth a few bucks.


16-free-heart-love-vector-shapes-printable-templates.pdf (246.4 KB)


The Xcarve could easily cut out the pieces for this. You would still have to go through the arrow process for each of these, but I could see these selling well.

I still can’t come up with anything creative. This is a take on the holiday ornament. Im gonna try to carve it later today. If anyone is interested let me know ill share it.


How did this work out? I am interested if you share.

I don’t see it being a problem. I made a ton of the name ornaments. I was gonna try today but I’m fixing something on the machine right now so we’ll see how that goes

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