Valentine's Day LOVE Coat Rack

Tired of hanging our coats and such on the kitchen table chairs, I decided to make a custom picture frame wall hanger out of MDF for Valentine’s Day. I surprised the wifey with it and snuck in our wedding photo behind an acrylic insert to make it more personal.

She loves it! So gentlemen, use that X-Carve to get you out of the dreaded V-Day doghouse if you’re stumped on ideas.


I’ll bet that won you a lot of points!

MDF? Did you carve out all the letters, then flip it over to do the photo insert?

Really like the clean paint job, too.

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It was all carved in one setup from the top surface. I just made a pocket inside the ‘O’ that was about .200" larger in diameter than the rest of the cutout and made it .09" deep to account for the .086" acrylic thickness plus the .003-.004" picture.

Makes sense. Smart design.

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Looks great you did a wonderful job.

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Thank you

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