Valovi-Inspired Bench

This project was begun on my homemade CNC machine and is what finally prompted me to upgrade to the X-Carve. I finally completed the cuts and staining yesterday. The Valovi chair was the inspiration for this bench.


not sure about those colors :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: but the design is pretty cool

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Great Job, but like BadWolf says, (He is the bad one) Color is not that good. Best think Plywood has that Beautiful rich grains when you stain light colors, even better if you use only clear shellac and poly on it. Just my opinion.

My daughter’s idea - it’s for football season watching The MSU Spartans on Saturday and the Vikings on Sunday! Transtint dye mixed with denatured alcohol. No oder, quick drying, vibrant, almost shocking color. :smile:

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I figured it was sports team colors haha

It has shocked me for sure. :flushed:

Just wait. The shape will continue to evolve as I digitize my rear end and apply that contour to the ribs.


I can imagine ‘Giger-izing’ that design and making it spooky. (Giger being the Swiss artist that inspired all the biomechanoid stuff…designer of the original Ridley Scott “Alien”)


Great job - and glad you chose the colour you like. A unique job needs a unique colour scheme…

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How can I get cnc file for this?

The chair consist of 3 different pieces of ply, that should be pretty straight-forward to draw up :slight_smile:

Also remember, every sheet of plywood has a different thickness dimension.

Yes, for sure, easy to draw up to someone :smile:

What have you tried so far?