Variable speed spindle instead of 611

I’m interested in swapping my 611 with a spindle and speed controller, any recommendations?

What do you plan on making with the X-carve?

I have Vcarve PRO. It allows you to store the spindle speed as part of the tool definition. I can save the spindle speed that works for each tool/material and Vcarve takes care of setting it up in the G-code file. I don’t have to remember what speed works best for each tool and material, (once set up) all I have to do is tell Vcarve which tool to use.

Just how I use it.

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I opted for the Makita as it has lower rpm capability than the 611. I did my own conversion to allow the Makita rpm to be controlled by G-code.

Without any real data it just seems like the 611 is too fast for many things. The new systems may handle it better since they seem to be stiffer than the original design.

You can look at a spindle (water or air cooled) and then control the speed by a VFD. I have gone this route when I was working on my Mechmate. But you are stressing the machine beyond what it was designed for. The 611 is pretty much this machines limits unless you stiffen it or go to a different machine.

Been looking at this for my next cnc build witch will be a mini cnc mill or addon to the xcarve 500-6000 rpm

home page good place for cnc parts