VB Programmer Needed

I am in the process of kicking a project back into gear.

I will need the help of a visual basic programmer. If you are interested in taking on a side project, private message me to discuss the details.

Can you share if it’s related to Easel, Inventables, or CnC in general?

It’s grbl related.

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Does it need to be VB, or is C# acceptable?

Good to see you back on the field! Can’t wait to see the results.

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Yes, vb is preferred, however, I am open to discussion if you are interested.

Thanks Cory!

I just realized… my answer was pretty open lol… It’s a tool which will interface with the machine, not easel related. Think of it as a kit of helpful tools to aid in the usage of your cnc. It will help novices to grow and understand their machines, while making it a breeze for advanced users to take care of mundane task.