VBit being used to cut the perimeter cut of my carve. I don't want that!

I am cutting out some lettering and using a Vbit as the detail bit.
Easel will carve out the negative space and go around the lettering then switches to my 60Deg Vbit.
The Vbit will clean up around the lettering and then care a small line boarder around the piece.
THEN the Vbit will go and cut the perimeter cut out for the object, I have a stock of probably 7x8 that Ill be cutting this 5x5 piece out.
I want this to be cut out with the 1/16 bit I started with. I’m using tabs so I would think it would do the mass carving first then the perimeter then switch to Vbit.

Anybody have any suggestions?

You’ll need to move the artwork for the perimeter cuts to another workspace and run that as a seperate job with the bit you want.

Just duplicate the existing workspace, delete the detailed artwork you are doing with the v-bit and then remove the cutout artwork from the original workspace.

@MechanicalGoose I was hoping not to but i guess that the same as a dual bit anyways.
Thank You.

if you are clearing out space with a 1/16 bit… do yourself a favor and just run the whole design with the V-bit. It will probably save you a bunch of time and bits.

Then copy the outline to a separate workpiece . click the outline and copy it ( alt+C), open the work piece at the bottom of the page and click add. then just paste it (alt+V). It will place it in the same spot as the previous workspace. then cut it out with an 1/8" bit or larger.

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