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Vbit stars

Hello all,

Had a question regarding stars. I have seen a few videos of stars being cut with a v bit. When I do them, they have a flat bottom. How do I get them to carve from center out on easel pro? I’ve tried setting it to the center point but still cuts flat bottoms.

I apologise, I’m new and only have a few carves under my belt.

Thank you in advance!

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If you set your depth of cut at approximately .2" , then look at the preview, you should see what the bottom of the star will look like. If you need to go deeper just make the change. The vbit will continue to go as deep as necessary to get to the point unless you set a shallow depth. Please consider how thick your material is also. You do not want to cut all the way through. You can look at some of my videos here on the forum to get an idea. Hopefully this will help you get started.


be the best bit to use for making 1.3inch stars using the Easel software. I been using a 60 degree v- bit but it just takes over an hour.

@Zhanglei. I use a 90 degree bit to carve the stars

Thank you so much. I recently gave it a try and it worked!