Vcarve 9.0 just released!

It is true. Using it now. Sorry, I know I wasn’t the person you flagged but thought I would confirm for you as well.

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I really like the snapping update. But, I just downloaded it about 10 minutes ago. The overall layout is better to work with too. I’ve been watching the V9 promo videos. I’m really excited to work with the double sided feature.


That’s off topic. Maybe you should start a new thread. :confused:

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VcarvePro 8.5x to 9.0 upgrade is $175. No free updates for me as much as I can tell. But I have upgraded free for over two years all the way to 8.517.


This one even has links to the product demo videos

…blue loctite…

Going to have to get the upgrade soon!

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