Vcarve and ugs

hi there i just purchased a x carve upgraded from a bobs cnc i have vcarve and use ugs platform is there anything i need to do to set x carve up to use this the machine i purchased is used and they used easel with it just not sure what to do to make sure it is al good thank you for any info

I use UGS all the time with my Xcarve. Run through the set up instructions to get things in ship shape.

X-Carve Instructions: Computer Setup (

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The computer setup wants me to load easel do I have to do that

Ok I got to the point of connecting to x carve but it just sits there controller is on cable is connected nothing happens

If you have an x controller, make sure the emergency stop button is pulled UP. I assume you went through the setup. Did the motors move when you hit the direction keys?

Thanks for info it was my port number and driver’s needed to be installed thank you for your help