VCarve and Vetric Website

Maybe I missed the documentation.

I was able to register the software using the OEM user ID and Key,
Though, how do I register at Vectric so I can download the 8.5 Update. If bought directly it appears you will get an invitation to the community group there where you can download updates and other things. Just wondering what other people had to do to get an account fully.

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Vectric, you update through the software. “Check for update”

i purchased the upgrade Cut2D Desktop V8 for 75.00
One you send payment for the license you will an two E-mail one license #
and the other with link to download.

A day or two after I registered using the OEM key, I got a popup that I should change the registration to my personal info and was directed to a link where I supplied my info. A short time later I received 2 emails, one was the link to complete my Vectric website account, the other contained my personal license key. I used the first link, setup a password and was able to download 8.5…