Vcarve carve out text

I tried doing some searching and may have missed it, so I apologize, but in Vcarve, how do you get it to completely carve out text like it does for shapes, etc? I am currently using the “Quick Engrave” function with the Fill, Hatch, and Cross Hatch options. It makes the letters look good except for the obvious diamond pattern inside of the letters. How do I set it so that all the text inside carves the full depth and makes it smooth as everything else?

Create a pocket toolpath.

I have tried a Pocket toolpath, but I’m using a serif font, and it doesn’t carve the whole letter, and leaves chunks inside.

Doing the V-carve tool, the preview still shows the pieces inside the letters… I must be missing something, as there has to be a way to completely carve the letters out, I’ve only had the program a few weeks, and can tell there is a LOT to learn.

What type of bit are you selecting with the v-carve toolpath?

That probably would have been good to tell, sorry. I am using a Frued 6.2º X 1/32" TAPERED BALL TIP

Choose an actual v-bit and run the simulation to see the difference. Tapered ball nose are really not good for v-carving.

I wanted to use a ballnose because the tight edges of the font to make it look nice… here is what I drew up… and what it looks like how I have it carving…

I chose a 60 degree vbit… and yes, it looks like it is carved out, but the simulation looks REALLY rough…

The polygons will end up 0.5" (I didn’t want to wast time and the bit testing), but now it looks like I have everything lined up properly on the round board the customer delivered… (First time trying to line up something on a round surface)

I have yet to use the flat clearance tool option to know how that works. I’ve pretty much only have used the pocket and profile toolpaths. I’ve been using a 1/8" dual up spiral end mill to carve out all the polygons, and then was using the 1/32 tapered ballnose for the text… everything looks like it looks good on the test, except for the text that has the checkered pattern above. I am still starting out, so am limited on the bits I do have. But any insight on this text issue, would be helpful.

By customer, I mean a coworker that wanted this for his mother…

The only text on the bottom of carved out areas is the word POT which is in the center. The rest of the words are on top of the piece. Here is a closer to finished look (except the piece is round, so the corners are not actually there)

I will definitely go through more of the tutorials. It’s been a busy month, and my coworker dropped this on my Christmas eve…

Oh I get what you’re saying with a vbit as it’s much thicker at the top. Good tip!

The final product.


Thanks. Only problem was, as it was finishing the last letter, the inside top of the router started to spark… So I shut it off… Blew it out, vacuumed it, turned it on, same sparks. Anyone have an idea what happened or how to fix?

I think brushes are end of life. Check to see how much brush left on both side. Especially if you use speed dial over 3, they die quick.

Always had it on 1 as previously advised. Do I just take the top off, or how does that work?

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Thanks. Where did you source them?

I got mine from Amazon;



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