VCarve desktop estimated time off

Using vcarve desktop 9.0. Sending with UGS. The vcarve time estimate is off by almost half. V carve says 10min. carve takes 5 minutes. Using the xcarve inch pp. Any ideas?

Vcarve has a box where you can enter your rapid rate. If that is not set according to your machine tuning, estimates will be off. Also the software doesn’t know your acceleration settings. Those are all handled by your controller, and so any software estimate is just that: an estimate.
Also, the shorter the carve, the less representative this estimate is going to be. Better to check those estimates on longer carves and see where those land.
I use RhinoCAM and they seem to have the calculations pretty much dialed in.
I guess it depends on the software but as you see it is not as easy as multiplying total travel distance by feedrate.

Can’t find the rapid rate in vcarve. Estimate is off the same on carves up to 1hour.

its in the right panel on the ‘estimated machining time’ page

at least in my verssion

Thank, looks like there is a scaling factor there too. Only had vcarve for a few weeks.

what is a scale factor?

found it…

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