VCarve desktop on the X-Carve CNC

I am looking to upgrade from Easel, doing more intricate inlays and sign carving. Before I drop $350 for VCarve desktop is anyone successfully using this configuration? Any issues?





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I use it exclusively and love it.
I’ve posted numerous examples of my work on here.
You can’t go wrong.

Thanks guess I’ll pull the trigger and buy it.

Same as Jan, it is very powerful and fairly intuitive.
It looks like the new version 10 has some good enhancements.

Thanks I’ve been watching Mark Lindsay’s CNC channel on you tube. Good stuff so I reached out to him and posed the same question but he had no experience with the X-Carve.

Sorry I thought your question was about Vectric V Carve software which is the design and CAM aspect of CNC.
I assumed you already had an X Carve.

Yes thanks Mark using a 750x750 X-Carve

Hello Mark, will the VCarve connect direct to the Xcarve or do you need to go through an other software?

Vectric has a sender called V transfer. I did not have any luck getting it to work for me but others are using it. There was Vectric staff member active on the forum a while back.
I have adopted CNCJs as my sender of choice currently

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