VCarve desktop or pro? Inventables or Vetric?

I was thinking about getting Vcarve and was just wondering what was the best options. I know there is loads of posts about it here about upgrading from desktop to pro but if I buy from Inventables does the $100 voucher deal apply to software aswell?

From Vetric desktop costs €330 and if I get it from Inventables its $349 which works out to about €295 . On the up side if I get it from Vetrics I can download and use it straight away.:thinking:

Everyones situation is going to be different, but I am going to get the Pro version from Inventables soon.

From everything that I’ve seen, it’s the best route to take.

Do you know if the $100 back from Inventables applies to the software aswel?

Contact Inventables for the latest information;

312-775-7009. or click on one of the links at the bottom of this page during normal business hours;

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Thanks guys.

I have Vcarve pro is what I have and its great.

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I asked Inventables c/s and they told me yes. The $100 gift card applies to everything in their store, including software. Which is also my plan for the gift card when I get it.

Thanks @AntonioSantiago. My poor bank card is going to take another hammering so lol

I feel your pain, lol

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This is great news. Might have to “divert” some funds and do this.

yeah, thats the same thing I thought. I was between the xcontroller and vcarve. I went for the xcontroller first and of course, I took too long and now Im still waiting because it was on backorder. Hopefully the same thing won’t happen with vcarve.

I think they just send you a code to activate the software, so it should be available same day.

oh, ok. I didnt know that, Ill ask them before I buy it just to make sure. They have a picture of a usb when you go to their store.
i gotta double check on that!

Here are additional FAQ about the gift card;

From the store;

“This software is a physical USB stick. There is no download option available at the time of purchase. Once you register the license, the software can be dowloaded from the Vectric website.

As I understand it Inventables will send you a USB stick, BUT you’ll be able to download the software directly from Vectric .

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I keep telling myself I’lll make the money back some day lol

Thanks for checking that out for us!

Ye, I had seen that. I was trying to weigh up the pros and cons. Get it a little cheaper plus get a $100 gift card and wait a couple of weeks or download it straight away… I’m in no real rush for it so I guess I could wait the couple of weeks and get a few bits with the gift card😎

While I’m waiting for it I plan on watching more instructional videos about it.


This guy is very good at explaining things.

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Thanks for posting those Stephen! Always love learning new stuff :+1: