Vcarve desktop

Took the plunge into Vcarve Desktop I’am trying to export the gcode to use for easle, I keep getting this error message when loading it into easel.

Invalid G-code

Line 10: G2X-12.715Y-276.777I0.000J1.811F1143.0 The file contains invalid G-code syntax.

You must use one of our official post-processors in order to import external gcode.

I already downloaded the PP and copied it into the correct folder but still keep getting this message,

What post processor? Easel doesn’t allow arcs, your post is generating them.

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I downloaded the one from here in easel and I copied that into the PP folder In Vcarve.

Why are you not using the post processor that’s provided in Desktop?

Make sure when you save your generated your toolpaths in desktop, that you have the Easel PP selected in the list. If you have done this I am not sure what is happening. I use vectric and easel everyday together.

I had same problem. When saving the gcode make sure you save gcode basic its in the dropdown below where you name the save

I use the x-carve post-processor in vcarve pro (they are the last ones). One handy thing you can do BTW is hide all the ones you don’t want (so there isn’t a list of 75 machines you don’t own). Make sure you pick the right units of measurement version of the post!!!

You can also create a personal post processor folder and put it in there.
You can have a few or as many as you want in there.
In doing so, Vectric will always look in your PPP folder first.