Vcarve free?

For some reason I cannot find the topic that said it was possible to get vcarve for free. I do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on something I have no clue how to do. Rather learn to see if I can do it first. The demo does not prove it works just that it could. Is there a way to get it for free?

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I know of no way to get it for free. You can use the trial version for free and learn how to use it.

I have not found a way yet and the sample only will carve 50% of your project to see it works or so that is the claim

You may have been thinking of Fusion 360. You can get a free license for that if you are using it as a hobbyist.

Vcarve will set you back at least $350 for the desktop version.

Fengrave is a free Vcarving program.


Design and Make has a free software called Machinist. I;ve never used it and cannot comment on how it performs. But, it does have a similar GUI to Vectric products.

Design and Make’s Machinist seems to only save files in a proprietary format which can then be opened by Vectric software such as Cut2D.

A free (as in beer) V carving software option in addition to the free (as in speech) F-Engrave which was mentioned by @JustinBusby is Carbide Create.

Thanks guys I well check into it.