Vcarve G-Code export issue

Hi all,

I have been doing some simple drawings in vcarve and trying to export them well within the bounds of carvey.

I keep getting the message that I am cutting through the smart clamps and the g-code is rejected.

As far as I can tell I am definetley not near them. Can anyone suggest why this is happening?

I downloaded the easel export file from inventebales for vcarve.

Is there a need to exclude the region in vcarve?

Special note for Carvey:

G-code must be absolutely positioned inside of the machine, and not exceed the work area and Smart Clamp Area. Any movement outside of these bounds, or inside the clamp area, will be rejected.

The G-code will be sent between a header and footer that ensure that the machine is homed and will touch off the Smart Clamp, setting the Z=0 at the material height.

Have you used a post processor for Vcarve Pro?

Are you using inches instead of millimeters?

If you figure this out, please post it here, i have that same issue

Hi Neal,

no its all in mm, double checked. I am not sure whats causing this but its get very fustrating, even the smallest and simplest of files gets the same error.

do I have to create an exclusion zone over the smart clamps? I am not sure how that would be done in vcarve when exporting via the “easel” post processor.

I am not really sure about your problem as I dont use Carvey, but I do use VcarvePro and Universal Gcode Sender UCS, but thats not critical…

I have to assume you are setting up the workpiece with the lower left corner etc…

I assume you have setup your x y and z correctly.

All I can think of is that your Post P is wrong, do you have the choice of a mm and inch PP? I think it maybe a Carvey problem. I have never seen “exclusion zones” in my setup. Can you post the name of the Post P file and maybe see through it for some problems?

there are lots of utube videos on how to setup VcarvePro on a CNC

OK, just got my Carvey and my V-carve G-code export has the same problem that others have found. I can’t get ANYWHERE near the smart clamps or I get the error msg. Anyone found a fix?