VCarve - How to carve Words over Words?

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to carve words over words in VCarve Desktop, as shown in the photo?

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Yes. It’s stacked text. Process is available via google. Too long to type out here but it’s simple enough.

Thank you Cory. I wasn’t sure what it was called. I will google Stacked text. Thank you so much. I am still learning!

I ruined several pieces trying to learn it but when you get it down it’s pretty quick and easy.

I am sure I will ruin a few pieces of wood. I have already tried this from the directions and apparently I am doing them backwards, at least that is how the preview is coming out…LOL

I will try Easel as well. I just hate that there aren’t as many options as far as fonts go in Easel.

Thank you Justin, I just found this on the Vectric forum and a vid on youtube as well. Time to go learn.

Create your fonts in a different program. and save as a pdf and import them in easel.
I use paint all the time for this!!!