Vcarve inconsistent

Hey guys, I’m hoping someone might be able to help out a little here with a project I was working on. Recently completed the project, just wanting to see what everyone’s input might be on what the issue might have been - any and all feedback is appreciated.

Please see attached images for the issue I had. One of the images you will see what the intended outcome was and the other, well it’s pretty obvious to what happened there. Also note that there were no changes in depth of cut, speeds, or feeds. The only thing that I did was duplicated the page these carves were on and moved the designs into their appropriate places to be carved.

On just about all my carves/cuts I will probe the bit at 1" over on the x- and y-axis prior to starting the carve. I started noticing there was a difference on some of the carves depth of cuts and began moving my router head to the middle of the sheet of material and then back to the zero position. At this time things were working fine and I carried on, until my wife had me set a sheet up prior to leaving for work, she’s working from home right now as I am not, and she checked on it after it completed and noticed that the bit plunged further into the material than it was supposed to and ruined what we had just worked on. I followed the same procedure on the next set of carves and didn’t have any problems.

Just trying to piece together any potential problem I might be having and hopefully fix it before needing to do something like this again. I will be more than willing to answer any questions you all might have in regards to setup of the project as well.

Set screw on the Z pulley

Everything is tight. I had completed 7 other carves prior to the bad one with no issues. After the bad carve I set up 2 more and didn’t have any issues.